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Monday 8th January                          Simon Hancock  - ‘Pembrokeshire Women in World War 1’              PDF SUMMARY   

Monday 12th February                       AGM: Martin Roberts - ‘Dinas to the Antipodes’                                  EXHIBITION PDF SUMMARY

Monday 12th March                           Marc Muller - ‘Slave Owners in Pembrokeshire ’                                 PDF SUMMARY

Monday 9th April                               John Beynon - ‘Captain George Mathias & the Beynon Family Tree’   PDF SUMMARY

Monday 14th May                               Simon Hancock - ‘Witchcraft in 17th Century Pembrokeshire’               PDF SUMMARY

Monday 11th June                             Ffion Rees - ‘Ramsey Island and Beyond’                                            PDF SUMMARY

Monday 9th July                                 Visit with Archdeacon Dorrien Davies to the Priory Church of St Mary Magdelene, St Clears


Monday 10th September                   Rt. Rev. Wyn Evans - ‘The Pre-Victorian Cathedral’

Monday 8th October                          Grace Davies - ‘Solva 100 Years Ago’                                                   PDF SUMMARY

Monday 12th November                     Paul Edey - ‘So  you think you know St Davids?’

Monday 10th December                     Edward Perkins


Monday 9th January                          Martin Roberts - N.Pembrokeshire Unbuilt Harbours, Railways,Airports  

Monday 13th February                       Paula Ellis - ‘The Retreats Group’

Monday 13th March                           Sarah Beynon - ‘The Bug farm … Then & Now’

Monday 10th April                              Anne Eastham  - ‘Diet in the Stone Age’           

Monday 8th May                                 The Rt. Rev. Wyn Evans - ‘Houses in the Close’

Monday 12th June                              Martin Roberts - The Smalls Lighthouse

Monday 26th June                              Visit to Roche Castle 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Monday 10th July                                Visit to Llangwm Heritage Site


Monday 4th September                       Robert Davies - ‘Knights Hospitaliers & Pilgrimage’

Monday 9th October                            Alan York  - ‘A History of Pembrokeshire Quakers’

Monday 13th November                      Paul Edey  - ‘Treasures from the archives’         

Monday 11th December                     Tom Halliwell - ‘A Childhood in the Close’           


Monday 11th January                          Sally Martyn - Hidden Histories of Southwood

Monday 8th February                          Tom Halliwell - Early Sound Recordings

Monday 14th March                             Martin Roberts - Brunel's Right Hand Man  (Arthur James of Treleddyn (1816 - 1866)

Monday 11th April                               Clare Orr - "Familiarisation with the Pembrokeshire Archive".

Monday 9th May                                  John Daniels - "The Seal Bay Investigation"

Tuesday 24th May                                Rod Williams - ‘A Tour of the Constable, Turner and Sutherland Exhibition’

Monday 13th June                               Elizabeth Rawlings - “The Llangwm Heritage Project"    

Monday 20th June                               Simon Pearce - ‘The Three Cathedral Organs’    

Monday 11th July                                Canon Patrick Thomas - ‘A visit to the Cloister Garden and St Davids Shrine’    


Monday 12th September                      The Right Reverend J. Wyn Evans, Bishop of St Davids - ‘The Vicars Choral’

Monday 10th October                         Paul Edey - ‘A Window in Time: Images of Old St Davids’    

Monday 14th November                      Major Chris Fogarty, 14th Signals Regiment - ‘The Recent Tour of Afghanistan’    

Monday 12th December                       Society Christmas Dinner - Ian Hextall - ‘The National Trust in North Pembrokeshire’    


Monday 12th January                          Malcolm and Anona Grey  - Visiting  the Battlefields  of World War 1

Monday 9th February                           Marion Page  - The Dig at St Patrick's Chapel, Whitesands.

Monday 9th March                               Martin Roberts - Experiencing the Iron Age at Castell Henllys

Monday 13th April                                Heather Tomos - Two Soldiers from Cilgerran

Monday 11th May                                 Ben Lloyd - The Road to New York

Monday 8th June                                 Sarah Green - ‘Treleddyd Fawr: the Restoration of a Traditional Pembrokeshire Cottage’

Monday 15th June at 7pm.                 Southwood Farm, Newgale - An opportunity to visit the farmhouse (now tenanted) and the outbuildings.

Monday 20th July                               Solva Harbour - A guided tour of the Harbour by Martin Roberts


Monday 14th September                    The Right Reverend J. Wyn Evans, Bishop of St Davids - ‘The Rev'd Delabere Pritchett’

Monday 12th October                         Dr. Richard Hellon - ‘A Sumptuous Ceiling’

Monday 9th November                        Paul Edey - Another look at past times in photos of St Davids

Monday 16th  November                     Jessica Morgan - The ‘Echoes of our Coast’ Project

Monday 7th December                      The Society Christmas Dinner - Sarah Gerlach - ‘Tourist Guiding in Pembrokeshire and Elsewhere’

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